First Photographs of Extrasolar Planets – but no Headlines

While there has been plenty of circumstantial evidence of extrasolar planets, but there has never been an actual photograph of one.

Until now.

Huge news of course. Except there are no elections or bad economies on these planets.

Or are there?

We don’t know. And we won’t find out unless people care. And people won’t ever have the chance to care unless they know they exist.

Photographs, despite all the modern age of Photoshop trickier, is still how we know something exists. We put them on our desk, on our refridgarators, by our bedside.

So here’s a photograph by the every-amazing Hubble of a planet around another star.

Stick it on your fridge…

click for larger

click for larger

UPDATE: It’s actually a featured story on After checking again the major news sites online, lo and behold, they alone of ABC, CNN, NBC, BBC, NYTIMES & USATODAY featured it.

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