First Footage from Film Released!!! (and a little help needed)

I’m very excited to present the first test from “Outside In” that actually represents real footage in progress from the film. Camera moves are still being tweaked and this is cropped version as IMAX-sized stuff does not play well online. But thanks to the new version of Adobe After Effects, “Outside In” can made made as I have always envisioned. Much thanks to everyone who has supported and contributed to this. This is the beginning, just a taste of incredible things to come.

This is fly-through of this photograph – – only a little brightness and contrast has been made to balance the moons with saturn’s body. Do note that several thousand layers of many Cassini photographs were animated to make the fly-through work without any 3D CGI. The saturation is off due to lack of Flash Player ICM support. This is still a work-in-progress and it’s an art film, not a science film, but as new image data comes down I will tweak this shot for improved accuracy. To watch in HD, click on HD in window below or click here.

[vimeo 11386048]

And if this excites you even half as much as it does me, I need to raise $2500 in the next couple of weeks to showcase this clip at the international IMAX conference at the end of September (GSCA Expo 2010). I heard today the my last grant application was denied, so it’s up to you to help Outside In get made.

I’ve set up a special fundraiser at IndieGogo that is tied in with Fractured Atlas for tax-deductible status. If you can’t donate, please spread the word far and wide. Click here to claim your special perks!

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