Final Pickup Shots (all 30k!) complete – Timelapse Shoot Wrap

If you recall from the last update, I was getting ready to embark to the Outer Banks, Rodanthe, NC to shoot stills and time-lapses for the finale of the film. Like other items, this shoot was delayed for over a year due to ankle & health issues. But it is complete. I shot almost 30,000 stills, mostly time-lapse but also some panoramic images.

The ending of the film was originally very different – it was originally going to be the only CGI/non-science part of the film with a hypothetical “Earth with Saturn’s Rings” sequence. But this begin popping up all over the web as lots of people had similar ideas, so a couple of years ago, I wrote a new ending based around empty launch pads at Kennedy Space Center. After my ankle injury delayed getting the shoot scheduled until late December last year, I hoped to have it shot in by January or early February at the latest.

But you don’t win every battle. NASA, SpaceX and US Air Force red tape proved to be to unresponsive to a small entity like In Saturn’s Rings. We actually got NASA’s clearance after lots of effort but never anything more. So I had to go back to the script and come up with another idea. I noticed a line about Carl Sagan’s beautiful metaphor about as being “on the shores of the Cosmic Ocean“. And there we have it. I think it will be a beautiful ending to the film.

So, it’s “in the can” – now, back to star cleanup as the images get processed. Here are a few sample frames from the shoot. Be sure to click for larger image :

click for larger

  • Amiee Hetu
    Posted at 15:36h, 16 May

    I am so excited to see that the film is finally complete! Any idea when it will be in theaters yet? I have been waiting so long and still just as excited as ever! Thank you for all of your hard work, time and patience that you have put into the production of this!

    Amiee Hetu

    • stephen v2
      Posted at 16:13h, 16 May


      We are still working on the opening section – email update coming out next week with more details. It has been a very long and challenging road but the end is in sight.

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