Emergency Donations needed – film production stalled

First, thank you for your amazing support and generosity as this project nears completion. I’ve not had to put a call for donations in some time and monthly donations have covered all normal expenses.
But in case you have missed the news on the Facebook or Twitterthe main workstation computer used in production for the film suffered fatal damage during the renders of new footage for Astronomy Days (see that footage here – but please don’t publicly share the link as a lot of the footage is unfinished).
Repairs have failed and the expensive key components damaged are no longer under warranty. It’s a rare type of system loss, very unexpected on parts a little over 2 years old.
No data was lost as I have multiple backups – but due to the massive memory requirements for creating footage for the film, I cannot use the secondary render/storage computers to continue work on the film. Unfortunately, from the long years of sacrificing all to make this film happen, I don’t have the personal funds to replace the parts.
To replace the damaged parts will cost just over $1900. If you can contribute to this, you would have my undying gratitudehttp://www.insaturnsrings.com/donate-2/ PayPal donations would be best but if you need to make it tax deductible, that’s fine as well (it take 10-12 days for those to process).
Everyone who donates to this campaign will get double credit for earning perks for the film i.e. a $500 donation would give you perks of a normal $1000 donation.
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