Donor & Supporter Video Testimonials Needed!

We need some donors & supporters willing to record themselves on video in any language and you can use any camera, even a cellphone will do and talk about the film. Hearing from our supporters will make a huge difference to the fundraising efforts. We especially want people from outside Greensboro, NC.

Here’s all you need to know if you’d like to record a short video for Outside In. Again, you can use any camera (e.g. your still camera probably has a video function) but do a short test before to make sure audio and video are okay. Use the highest quality setting the camera offers.

  • Make sure the space is quiet – turn off anything noisy (air conditioner, loud computer etc.), indoors is better.
  • Frame yourself so that we see mostly your face and a bit body (see images below). You can look either directly into the camera or you can have someone off-camera ask you the questions and you can look at them as you answer.
  • Feel free to do multiple takes or have someone there talk to you so you are relaxed and natural. Don’t worry if you stumble etc. – just be yourself. And feel free to say anything (e.g. some people say when they first saw the clips that it did not real i.e. from real photographs). I will edit these and make sure you come across well.
  • You can use your own language (does not have to been in English) and we will subtitle. In facts, it’s BETTER if you speak your native language.
  • You can do it solo or with friends or family.


Suggested questions to answer (you don’t have to use all of these and you can make your own):

  1. If you like, state your name (can just be first name), where you are from (can just be city or country), what you do.
  2. How did you hear about Outside In?
  3. What did you feel when you first saw clips from the film?
  4. What appeals to you about the film?
  5. Why did you decide to donate (or support the film)?
  6. What are your plans for seeing the film? (e.g. what theater – it would be great if you could look up the theater by their official name and use that)
  7. What do you like most about the film?

When you have it done, you can use a service like YouSendIt ( or upload to as private (password protected) video on Vimeo (

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