Coolest Story Ever – Whole lot of Shaking Going On!

One of the big themes in “Outside In” is our direct connectedness to our solar system – that it’s our direct and immediate neighborhood. But sometimes you can see people’s eyes start to glaze over when talking about “we’re all connected to everything” like you inviting them to join some wacky cult.

Another big part of “Outside In” is sound and music. Not just sound and music you can hear but that you can feel. Despite loving the process of creating images, I love sound and music as much, if not sometimes better. And I’ve always believed that sound and music are 60% of cinematic experience. In other words, that’s why a remote control has a mute button – sound/music focuses our attention and engages our emotions more directly than images.

In recent years, hard science continues the trend of highlighting how connected we actually are to our solar system. The “empty space” between the sun and the planets is not actually empty. In addition to the vital solar radiation, all sorts of interested particles & energy find their way across the solar system.

This new story is actually pretty amazing. The sun is making sounds that vibrate the earth. Can I get a subwoofer that does that? Of course, it’s well beyond human hearing but it’s interesting question if we actually could feel it.  The frequency of these tones are really deep bass but the amazing thing about sound is that even if you can’t hear it, your body feels and reacts to the vibrations, from ear-drum busting high notes to gut-shaking bass. Remove your ears and ear drums won’t prevent you from being affected by sound. Visit the ESA site to read about the details.

And if you’ve ever delved into the science behind how our solar system was created, the connections between bodies in our solar system is pretty amazing. The most interesting thing to me is that the sound I “hear” when I look at space scenes is a very deep bass. Turns out, in space, someone could hear you scream, if you figure how to scream in deep bass like our Sun 🙂

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