Concept Shot 1 – Lip-Sync with a Still Camera

For a little history on these shots, read this…

Watch this very rough test from a couple of year ago and I will explain after.

[flv:/blog/video/stilsynctest.flv 640 428]

This was actually shot with still camera, a Nikon D200 to be exact. It was shot using the continuous mode and the actress (the incomporable Sheila Duell) who lip-synced to her own voice being played back at 1/8th speed. The D200 was set to 3 frames a second, so 3 X 8 = 24 frames per second, the frame rate of film.

This is harder to do than it looks 🙂 Her voice was then run then a vocoder for effect. This is a techique I have continued to improve and final version of it the finished film will be quite seamless.

Basically this allows me to shoot IMAX resolution images with cameras and film that cost 1/1000th of 15/70mm film. Next up, the first tests of layering this footage.

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