“Catastrophe” a Big Hit at 48 Hour Film Project Screenings – wins two awards!

The film is online – watch it here.

The creative process is interesting, especially in a collaborative, team environment. Our 48 Hour weekend highlighted for all of us of what a great process it is when it all comes together, even when things go wrong.

We drew the “animal” genre after passing on “spy”. The animal genre is new this year and has a rep as “dreaded”. Long story short, we now agree. Live amimals, fake animals — it’s logistically tough to pull off anything animal in 48.

We ended up doing none of the above. We wrote two scripts, the first a serious drama that did not work at all and was a logitistic nightmare to shoot. Fortunately, we abandoned it at midnight, came up with another idea at 2:15 am and by 4:30 had the script you see in the film.

We lost our lead male (and only male) actor the next morning – 10 minutes before go time and considered just giving up when we could not track down a replacement. But our lighting grip had done a little acting, looked the part and tackled it with enthusiasm and some great ideas – he ended up being perfect for the role.

We just decided to make the film for the fun of it – just basically to entertain ourselves. But actually deeper than that – just for the joy and satisfaction of a shared creative process without thought to the end result. As long as we all liked the film, we were happy. Plus our script called for me to be an actor even though you never see or hear me (which is a good thing). That was really fun for me.

We were nervous about the screenings. What would people thing of our strange little film? We liked it but several of us were unsure our black comedy would get any laughs.

Turns out, we lacked faith. The packed Carolina theater loved the film. They roared. We won “audience favorite” for our screening and “best use of genre” (very satisfying) from the judges. I’ve received a number of phone calls and emails from fellow filmmakers who loved our film and would have voted it best of city.

We’re fine with the results. There were a lot of very impressive films this year. The process again was a blast and the pleasant surprise of screening was more than we ever expected.

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