Casualties of War

It’s been a quiet period on the blog but a long churn on the film. The most complicated render in photoanimation history is wrapping up. Roughly 50 computers (15 here and 25 awesome volunteers) have been churning since January. Here are the specs:

  1. Total of 970 frames for an approx 40 second shot of slow approach into 5.1 million galaxies images
  2. Render output is 5600 x 4200 32-bit TIFF file
  3. Average render time per frame across all machines is 35 hours
  4. One fast 6 core machine would need almost 4 years to render the shot!
  5. With roughly 300 cores, we will be done in about 3 months – mid April

However, there have been casualties from machines running 24X7 churning so much data. Here are just the losses in the 15 machines here:

  1. Intel Socket 1500 motherboard (BIOS failure)
  2. 8GB DDR3 Stick (one of 8 in 64GB Box and under warranty)
  3. 250GB Crucial SSD
  4. 480GB Crucial SSD (both Crucials were just a couple months over 3 years old – won’t purchase anymore)
  5. APC 700VA UPS
  6. Seagate 4GB Drive (only 3 months old under warranty)
  7. 4 machines that had been upgraded from Window 7 required resets and clean installs to render stable

All in all with about two weeks left, pretty good for low end build your own boxes that average about 3 years old.

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