Cassini-Huygens makes it to the musuem

The American Musuem of Natural History exhibit on Cassini opens April 26th

One of big underlying forces behind “Outside In” is that when the history books are opened in a few hundred or thousand years, you won’t find any reference to Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, or even which ever of the presidential candidates does not win the election.

And especially in the history books of thousands of years in the future (assuming we get there) that cover the world, George Bush, 9/11, Iraq may only rate a small mention, depending on what else happens in the next couple of decades.

But their will be certain items, markers of incredibly achievements and turning points in human history – the computing revolution, man-made climate change, AIDS epidemic, population explosion and our first voyages beyond the earth.

And if the Cassini-Huygens mission proves to be the mission that points to or discovers life beyond earth, it will be the most important event of our time as well as its greatest achievement.

Don’t believe me? Pick up any history book and read – global wars, rise and fall of countries, plagues, exploration – Magellen, Columbus, Lewis & Clark. Cassini-Huygens is a Lewis & Clark of our time. Just because it’s an “unmanned” vehicle does not mean it’s a robot. Every move is guided and controlled by humans.

So it’s fitting that Cassini-Huygens is headed for a museum for a major exhibition. It won’t be the last…


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