Buzzing Saturn

According to Emily over at the Planetary Society Blog, Cassini mission planners are contemplating driving the bus-sized spacecraft inbetween the inner rings and Saturn’s cloudtops to end Cassini’s mission.

But rather than a one-time joyride, they are hoping that this could go on for several months as long as Cassini does not smack into a large enough ring particle or get messed up by the crazy gravity of the fast-spinning Saturn.

Photography is tricky there, but I would die for some nice shots of Saturn’s cloud tops. Plus shooting some shot out over the rings in something no human eye has ever seen. Of course, it requires that NASA extend Cassini’s mission which ends in a couple of months. That should be no-brainer given it’s stunning achievements but on the other hand, should have happened months ago.

I still think we have not see the best from Cassini yet and this mission idea is pretty damn exciting. Let’s hope no one in Congress or NASA admin messes it up.

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