Bad News, Good News – Lightning, Computers, Damage

The bad new is it took two weeks to get everything rebuilt. What a huge blackhole of time…

The good news is that no data, specifically “Outside In” data was lost. After rebuilding my server network from scratch, I found all the data intact. I do have multiple backups of most files – it’s just the huge data files for my film stuff that I have about 75% of it with two copies and 25% with just one copy due to space issues.

But it’s all there. I also have a business insurance policy which may cover some of the loss including downtime, but we shall have to see what is covered. But suffice it to say that you can never have too many backups and I was very glad I had all the extra copies of the data on RAID (redudant drives) as although the data on the operating systems drives was damanged, the data drives were all repairable.

But for full-blown Outside In productions, even more redudancy will be required, faster backup speeds. I’m only about 15% done backing up Outside In off-site via online backup service — a couple of more months to finish getting the other 400 GB uploaded. Also, my budget calls for true online UPS units and faster lines for online backups.

Thanks to all who helped out and encouraged the recovery efforts.

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