Astronomy Days Wrap-Up

Our two days at Astronomy Days are over – feet are sore and vocal chords exhausted from repeating the pitch about the film several thousand times. But a successful weekend overall. Attendance was lighter then last year as it was an absolutely beautiful weekend in Raleigh, NC and plenty of competing outdoor activities. But they are moving the event back to a winter day next year to improve attendance.

But my two presentations of the film went very well – Saturday’s had 100 people and Sunday’s had over 150, nearly packing the auditorium. I believe they were the best attended events of the weekend.

My favorite part, was on Saturday, during the presentation. A 4 year old girl was fidgeting something awful during my very short 15 minute intro about the film. Her parents looked like they wanted to take her out. But then I rolled the footage.

As soon as the Saturn clip came on screen, her jaw dropped, her mouth gaped open and she did not blink once through the entire Saturn clip, sitting as still as a rock. Even though this is not a film aimed at very young children, it’s amazing to see the universal, primal appeal of flying through these amazing photographs.

It’s the reason I’m making the film and wonderful to see how people of all ages respond.

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