“Around Space” taping today – will air this fall in DC Metro area

I’m in the Washington, DC area and just finished the taping of the “Around Space” program. They are very nice group of people including the host Dr. Kent Miller. I was a little nervous being in front of the camera instead of my usual position behind, but they made me feel very comfortable – thanks to Donnie Lowther the director and the rest of crew.

Around Space” is public access show but public access in Fairfax, VA is not like the public access back home. Nice studios, nice gear, real programs. This show gets distributed Verizon’s new FiOS television service. It’s been on the air for 5 years and the lineup of previous guests is pretty impressive. It’s always fun talking to people who are just learning about the film for the first time.  It just gives me more faith that this film is something that people really want to see.

The show will air in the next couple of months and they will make a show available online for those of us (me included) who live outside the DC Metro area.

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