Another Spacecraft you may not have heard of

When I started working on this project, I was amazed by how few people knew that the Cassini spacecraft was at Saturn, and horrified to find that almost no-one outside of the space field knew about the Huygens lander on Titan.

Another spacecraft doing cool stuff is Venus Express, currently orbiting our neighbor, turning up some interesting stuff about the climate on Venus. Venus is an fascinating if hellish world. Greenhouses gasses and global warming run a muck on Venus. It’s a goldmine of information about how climate change works.

There tends to be a lot of acrimonous back and forth between climate change skeptics and alarmists. Personally, I think it’s huge waste of time and energy that should be focused on understanding every planetary climate – Earth, Venus, Mars, Titan etc.

We should be spending ten times more – if not a hundred times more on understanding how planetary climates, environments and ecosystems work. There is still so much we don’t know and yet we argue endlessly about that the right solution is despite our ignorance.

So, instead of arguing or blogging about global warming, spend your time writing your representatives asking them to increase funding for planetary exploration and research, both earth and other planets as the most critical function of energy and climate policy. That’s where the real solutions lie.

Humanity as group and humans as individuals usually get in hot water making decisions in ignorance or with wrong or misleading information and conclusions. Let’s not repeat those mistakes yet again.

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