About the Film

In Saturn’s Rings, narrated by LeVar Burton, is a ground-breaking giant-screen documentary film that takes audiences on a journey of the mind, heart and spirit. Created entirely of over 7.5 million real photographs using innovative visual techniques developed by the filmmaker, In Saturn’s Rings has already become a online viral sensation. The film uses no computer generated images – it is multiplane photoanimation created entirely in Adobe After Effects with image processing done by 40+ volunteers in Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and custom Java/ImageJ programming.

The film journeys from the incredible images of Hubble and other space telescopes looking deep into the past, through stunning images of Earth, the Milky Way and the Moon, culminating in a breathtaking fly through of Saturn’s system.

The film will feature powerful music by Samuel Barber performed by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and more melding stunning visuals and science documentary into a unique experience for audiences.

The film will be presented in 8K/6K & 4K resolutions on massive screens and concert-level surround systems to audiences in giant screen institutions, IMAX® theaters, fulldome planetariums, museums and select 4k digital cinemas.

The film premieres on the giant screen on May 4th, 2018, International Space Day and Star Wars day, locations to be announced soon. Fulldome release will follow shortly after that.

Meet the Filmmaker

Stephen van Vuuren is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, photographer and ubergeek. He grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and Knoxville, Tennessee. His father purchased him a manual 35mm camera when he as 12 and his love of image-making began.

He’s directed, produced and/or shot over twenty feature and short narrative,  documentary, experimental and animation films that have screened at numerous festivals and in cyberspace. Stephen founded SV2 Studios in 2000 which focus in indie film production and post-production, including digital cinema mastering.

He first read about Saturn and Titan in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos as a child. In 2004, Cassini arrived at Saturn barely noticed by the world. Both exulted by the stunning images and disappointed by the lack of interest, he committed to finding a way to make a film that showcased the incredible beauty of Saturn and our entire universe, while exploring the reasons why most people know so little about it.

He lives in Greensboro, NC with his musician/artist wife Marie and three fun cats, Kato, Gypsy and MeToo.