A New Website is Coming – and That’s not Even the Best Part

During my recent exposure on YouTube, lots of things happened…crazy comments from YouTubers…investors offering money to try to take control of the project…lots of email from people insisting that 3D CGI was the only way to make the film…composers wanting to do the soundtrack.

The whole hubbub and 15 minutes of minor fame convinced me that the project was best moved back to its roots as a labor of love supported only by donations and supporters. That decision has started to really pay off. The first result of this is that a new web-site is in the works, generously donated by one amazingly talented graphic and web designer. Here’s a sneak peek/tease of what’s in store…

New Web Design

The best part of the story is that the designer is Mendoza, Argentina.

Gonzalo Anton runs a web and graphic design firm in Mendoza and does some beautiful work. He came across the YouTube video and sent me a very nice email offering to create a better site for an extremely reasonable price, especially considering his skills and portfolio. I replied that unfortunately, that was a wonderful idea but lacked the funds. A short while later, Gonzalo called me. He was quite inspired by the making of the film and offered to create a new website for “Outside In” for free.

I was honored and stunned, though still a little skeptical. But, after several email exchanges and a very long conversation via Skype, it became clear that Gonzalo is a very special person. He has taken incredible interest in the film and in my inspiration for making it. He is passionate about design and art. He believes you have to really understand and feel what someone is about before you can design for them. Not only did he interview me for a couple of hours but he wanted to read the script, listen to the music and peruse my favorite Cassini images. Ironically, he was far more in depth in his approach than either of the investor groups that only were obsessed with the budget and how much control I would give up if they waved money in front of my face.

Of course, he has a busy design firm in Mendoza and has to fit working on this proect around his work and life. But he is patient and committed and for me, this film is nothing but a daily lesson in patience.

“Outside In” is about stepping back and seeing ourselves in context of where we are in our universe, in our solar system. To me, it’s perfectly in line with the spirit of the film in how Gonzalo and I came together. The moment I knew that this was a special relationship is shortly after I had emailed him a number of my favorite Saturn images. He replied and asked if the photographs had been processed. I said, no, I had not touched them, they were simple Cassini images.

He then told me that before he had seen these photographs, he assumed I was just pursuing this film as personal passion for my own reasons. But now that he had seen just a few of my favorite images, he understood completely why I had to make this film.

Thank you Gonzalo…


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