It’s November 11th – the 11th day of the 11 month. As you may realize, I’ve set a target completion date of 11.11.11 for the film and announced a “Team 11” funding effort to help meet this goal. I hoped to have a new site and teaser up today, but alas I got quite ill with a bad sinus cold and things are delayed. Like maybe about 11 days delayed 🙂

However, “Team 11” is up and running – today is a great day to put in your $1 a month donation to the film, fully tax-deductible. And, if you donate and/or organize of group of your friends/family/colleagues to donate at least $11 a month, you get official “Team 11” status and a team name from one of Saturn’s moons. Good moons still available.

If you’ve already got a donation in, starting working on building your team. If you already have a team, expand it. There will be special prizes and credits for the largest teams including producer credit on the film which comes with all sorts of juicy perks.


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