11.11.10 Update – Hell to Heaven

Yes, it’s 11.11.10 – one year from the target release date for Outside In. But, for those following along, you realize this is what has been happening…

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/delays.flv 340 240]

The delays were two big ones. First, as you know from previous blog posts, Outside In ran into huge technical limitations in the Adobe software that is used for 100% of the film – limitations that even caused problems during the making of “Dark Knight”. I ended up helping test the new software but the new version that finally allows full animation to proceed came out over a year after I hoped – only arriving early this summer.

The second delay is the bane of all indie filmmakers – fund-raising. And of course this was tied to delay #1. The third “delay” is not really a delay as it helps solve both the first two delays. While waiting for Adobe’s work on the new software, I co-produced a low-budget horror film “Hellphone” (www.hellphone.com) which premieres next week. Outside In gets 10% of the gross receipts of the film after the investor is paid back and I kicked the tires hard on Adobe’s new software in doing a bunch of visual FX for the film.

So the good news is despite the “delays, delays”, the solutions are now in place for full production of the film to proceed, full speed ahead. I’m still aiming for 11.11.11 – but the most important thing to me (and hopefully to all you supporters) is that the film is finished well and not rushed.

So, Outside In is getting ready to resume full production.  I will be hard at work on the “Big Bang” section that involves every visible light photograph from Hubble as well as thousands of more photos from other telescopes, Apollo, ISS and many other missions.

As things go along in the next few months, it will be easier to see if I can still make the deadline without hurting the film. Thanks again to all who support this project. Some really awesome stuff is coming soon.

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