100 Megapixels of Saturn Ring Magnificence – HD Clip!

Now that I’ve decided to return “Outside In” to a donation-supported, non-profit project, I can be a little more forthcoming about some of the behind the scenes stuff. One of the key pieces is the 100 megapixel ring composite photograph I’ve worked on for 4+ months of full-time days. It still needs more work but it’s the key ingredient in what makes the 2.75D Fly-through technique work. While I won’t be posting the original image for a while especially since it still needs work, I thought I would post some test footage and a still.

This is from a simple shot that will give a good idea about how amazingly cool this is. Bear in mind what you are seeing is not a 3D CGI model – it’s a Cassini photograph – or more accurately a Cassini photo-mosaic animated. Also note that this is at 1/4th of the resolution of my original file.

First, here’s a still image (click on it for larger):

Here is a 20 second HD Clip (slower machines and/or connections can get a smaller file here). The files below are HD 1080p files, so download them first and playback on a machine of recent vintage. Right-Click (or Control-Click on Mac) and “Save Link” to download the files. Playback and loop the file in Windows Media or QuickTime.

Windows Media 1080p File


QuickTime H.264 1080p File

Previous use of this ring mosaic can be glimpsed in clips from the film that can be found here (teaser trailer) and here (2.75D Demo). You can also see a still version on this composite image on this page.



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